MakeUsWell and YOU


MakeUsWell’s mission is to help people and businesses heal and thrive in the time of pandemics.

Problem We Solve

Our country’s COVID-19 response has failed. Our institutions, particularly government and healthcare, were poorly prepared to respond.

The SARS-CoV-2 coronoavirus attacked the country's most vulnerable people as well as institutions. It has exposed that too many of us have chronic diseases, acute illnesses and weak immune systems. And that some of us have far better access to adequate healthcare than many others.

After this crisis ends, the vulnerabilities will remain unless we address them. We must never be this vulnerable again.

MakeUsWell's focus is on promoting better health in workplaces, communities, families, and other social groups while also addressing underlying inequities that make us particularly vulnerable. And this all happens with the help of our self-learning software and augmented analytics.


  • Identify and advocate for multiple upstream solutions to prevent, contain, and minimize the pandemic’s potential damage.
  • Focus on addressing health disparities and the underlying chronic diseases that magnify impacts.
  • Ensure that government, public health, and business decisions are made objectively, with the soundest non-partisan data and analysis.
  • Work with our eclectic and top-notch Charter Members to help America recover. Our network empowers and speaks for all demographics and population segments.


  • Start with human intelligence and insights of our members (from writings, speeches, phone calls, videos, emails, SMS, in-person communications).
  • Mix with proprietary algorithms and analytics about the rapidly changing, volatile landscape.
  • Subtract political bias, hidden financial agendas, noise, and EEE (ephemeral emotional elements).
  • Uncover true insights and a path based on analytics-driven content that can scale.


Michael J. Critelli, ex-Pitney Bowes CEO, and current Eaton board and RAND Health advisory board, is our CEO.

Rose Theresa, PhD University of Pennsylvania, and former San Francisco Director of YCombinator-funded Women Who Code, is our CTO.

MakeUsWell Charter Members have both broad and specific capabilities. These 40+ men and women include congressional leaders, scientists, and best-selling authors. CEOs such as Marc Morial (National Urban League), Matt McCambridge (Eden Health), and Meredith Reuben (EBP Supply Solutions). Joining them are top doctors like Ray Fabius (teaches at Harvard.)

Your Special Benefits

  • You will benefit from our approach and its implications for economic, health, educational, commercial, and social activities.
  • You’ll get scarce and novel insights on public content and analyses. This information is “hidden in plain sight”—reported but not amplified. Because its significance isn’t understood or ideological biases or social media algorithms and actors (humans and bots) suppressed it.
  • You’ll have front-row seats to conversations stimulated on our platform. And curated connections that can help you increase your knowledge and profits.
  • You’ll see—sometimes exclusively—analytics create new products and unexpected twists on existing services. We will give you insights that people act on to change things.

Thank You

We appreciate your support. Together, we’ll build a meaningful business to heal America and make her soar again!